Friday, 22 November 2013

Another Day at Sulphur Point...

 I set off to explore the other end of where I was parked at Sulphur Point.
I had been told there was a restaurant and that I could walk into the city...
First the restaurant that was at the end of the block of apartments.

They made me very good coffee. I'm sitting on the deck outside
overlooking a short canal of water right beside me.

I'm also looking out towards the back of Mt Maunganui.
There is a deep channel where the boats launch at the boat ramps
where I am parked. You can just see them on the right of this photo.
More boats come along this channel to re-fuel and still more
come along here and into this canal.

They come up here - where I am sitting...

And into this berth where they are lifted up by this fork lift, cleaned,
groomed... Like a valet service... And stored on shelves.... At a cost of
course. I heard it was $800 a month but!

Next I walked into town... Back the way I had driven in.
Over the railway tracks...

Past the enormous number of containers.

Kept going along the road... Under the over-bridge...

Round the corner and under the next bridge...

And the road winds its way along another side of the harbour.

First place of interest I came to was the art and crafts
Cargo Shed. I wandered through... All sorts of talented people
selling their wares.

Next the Fresh Fish Markets which also sells the world's best
fish and chips, I'm told. Judging by the  people eating and enjoing
that could be true... I didn't try them!

Looking back as I walked on...

And forward... I walked through this car park, over the railway
track, again...

And was in the centre of the city. Lots of cafes and further along the usual city
retail shops. I suppose it took me 15 minutes to walk. Sulphur Point
is a great place to park... Access to all sorts of things and places.

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