Saturday, 23 November 2013

Next Stop Papamoa Beach

When I left Sulphur Point I wasn't sure where next but I
thought I would easily find a freedom spot along
Papamoa Beach somewhere. That wasn't the case. I
had nearly given up and come to the end of Papamoa
Beach road when I spied this little road with the beach
and sea at the end. Haha... I thought and made a quick
left hand turn... Ideal!  I asked the people in the house
I was parked outside and they were more than happy for
 me to park and overnight there. The street didn't appear to
have a  name either on my map or GPS or at the end
of the road. I called it 'Short' street!

So here I am... Parked in the sun with a view out to sea...

It was great and very quiet... Which didn't last!  I found it
was the favourite place for quads with all their fishing gear
to access the beach, also people with Sea Horse type contiki's
came along. Not much was caught though... The problem
being the usual... The wind, or the tide or the light...
I was joined by two young fella's in a van who with their blow-up
'Lilo' and having lots of fun in the surf, parked for the night.
The other people I met were the drivers of the city bus service buses.
It was the end of the line and they often seemed to have a few
minutes to spare which they spent gazing at the sea and chatting to me.

It was a great spot for me... And had Internet access.

I wandered down to the beach at low tide to look for  Tuatua
but none around. I walked along the beach and met a  few
fisher people, all locals but catching nothing.

The houses along from where I was parked...

The sea to the south...

And to the north... It wasn't quite a benine as it looks, the waves
and current were strong. it's the open Pacific Ocean and
no islands to break it up.

And the moon rising. Beautiful.
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  1. Hi It's good you didn't find tuatuas because there is shellfish toxin warning extended to the wider Bay of Plenty

  2. Don't eat the Tuatua at the moment! They are toxic. Neurotoxin....not pretty if you get it!!!