Tuesday, 5 November 2013

My Garden Is Blooming...

On the back of my bus. It's amazing how it survives... But it does.
My bus, because it's different, attracts a lot of attention.
People stop to chat and often ask where I put all my pots
when I'm travelling. Well they stay right there... And no
they don't fall off and yes they do grow.

I re-potted them all recently. Kept all the plants but filled
the pots with new compost. The mint has gone mad... I mostly
make tea with it... Delicious fresh mint tea. I love it.
The next pot has new coriander plants. It's hard to grow
as it immediately goes to seed. I've decided I am going to
let one seed head grow, stake it down so the seeds fall into the
pot then I should have continual new little plants.
The other side of the pot is thyme. The pot in the middle curly
 leaf parsley. Same with the parsley when it seeds.
One seed head will supply plenty of new plants.

From the other end... I have sage which has taken a while to decide
to grow. It also makes lovely tea. There is a little rosemary plant,
in a pot it will only grow to a small size, but it will be enough
to put sprigs into a bottle of oil for salads and to cook with
and enough to put into a spray bottle of water to spray
on my hair after washing it. In between there are some
calendula and nasturtium seedlings. In any garden in New
Zealand they both grow like weeds but they are
reluctant to grow in my pots... but I keep trying!
Next pot along is chives. I have just cut all the seed heads
off and left one for seed.

These are my tomatoes. Last year I successfully grew one in
a smaller pot. This year I got a bigger pot, planted the seed
from a 'sweet 100' tomato I had and lots of them grew. I
gave lots away and kept four. When they are a bit bigger
I will make a bamboo frame for them then let them ramble.

And this years basil. I bought small plants as soon as they
came into the shops. They sat for a while as they
like really hot conditions to grow well... Hence them
living in the front of my bus where they get a lot of sun and
light. Also when I'm driving they are treated to under
root heating as they are sitting on the engine cover!
My shells keep them company and on the left is my
 blue sun chair and because I now have a fire...
A bag of firewood. The silver 'thing' in the front I
scored from the Bedford rally. There was a gift swapping
time, put in a Bedford related gift, take one out. It comes
off the front bonnet of another old Bedford. It's got the Bedford
lion and eagle symbol and Bedford written underneath. I don't know
yet what I am going to do with it... So meanwhile it sits there.

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