Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The Estuary at Little Waihi

This is the second road in Little Waihi...

It winds its way past some houses...

Then round to the estuary...

It's a fascinating area as the tide comes and goes.
A good place for flounders and herrings.
I haven't put my net out, there is too much weed in the water.

This looks an idyllic place... And it is...
But all the land in Little Waihi is Maori Leasehold land.
All the waterfront properties, the leases are not being renewed
so that is creating a real predicament for many people who
have had their homes here for lots of years and
enjoy the unique lifestyle.

The road dwindles into a track round to the end of this little
peninsular... I have wandered round here a few times...

Just to contemplate and enjoy the view.

I am coming back here tomorrow at high tide with my rod and some pipis for bait.
I'm told this is a great spot for catching good size herrings
which are delicious smoked.

Looking across the estuary to Pukehina. You can wade across at low
tide. It's 25km  by road.

And the end of the camping ground which is  like a finger surrounded
on all sides by the estuary.

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