Thursday, 21 November 2013

Tauranga... Freedom Parking at Sulphur Point

This was another place to freedom park that I had been told about.
I found it via my GPS. It is a huge marine park... The freedom parking
end is mainly used for cars and boat trailers.

Lots of space to choose from. There was a Gypsy Fair about
to happen so several of the gypsy homes were already parked...
Numerous containers just over the road as this park
is between the port, the cranes, the railway line and the harbour.

I tucked myself in here... Facing the sun and a picnic table...

 Looking at the harbour to the east...

And the harbour... Looking west to the road and rail bridge
in the evening watching yet another beautiful sunset.

Behind me... Where I drove in, is a big building that is being
renovated for Bay Marine Electronics.

And another building that is apartments, a cafe I discovered when
out walking... More about that...

In front of me,  a three lane boat ramp. On the weekend it
was like a busy highway intersection and the whole park filled
up with cars and trailers.

Past that is the Tauranga Fish & Dive Club... Open to the public and
dinner available on Friday and Sunday evenings.

Past that I found another large park... The harbour  on one side
and the road on the other...

That went round to a private marina and boat ramp...

All the Tauranga boating and fishing clubs had their club
premises round here...

Even Burnsco had a shop there... Very handy with
lots of easy parking.

This is the Game Fishing Club...

And over the other side of the parking area...
A huge marina... Ten piers all packed with boats...

Too numerous to count!

At the end it was just a stones throw over the harbour
to Mt Maunganui and the berths where the huge
cruise ships berth.

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