Saturday, 2 November 2013

Fun at the Bedford Rally...

This area is 'Bedford Party Central' the place where
all gatherings and meetings happen...
When I arrived at  the rally on Saturday about lunch time
I was informed we were gathering for dinner...
A lamb on the spit and would I bring a salad.

This was all that was left of a a whole lamb, we devoured the lot...

Just the bones left.

A great array of salads. It's amazing what people make
from the supplies we carry in our vehicles.

There was plenty for everybody and some left over.

It was a beautiful evening...

As we gathered and ate there was plenty of talking and
catching up with the people I had met at the rally last year.

Everybody is very friendly and joined in. It was a great idea.
Somebody donated the lamb, others sacks of potatoes
and kumera... Nobody went hungry.

After dinner we were entertained by the group
'Ukes On Fire'. They were great... Sang lots of old
popular 'sing-a-long' songs and played their ukelele's.
It was a wonderful night.

Sunday night we had a huge bonfire. Lance must have been
piling up rubbish and tree branches for ages as it was an
enormous pile. A couple of buckets of diesel thrown
on and it was off with a huge roar.

It was dark but the heat and light was amazing.

There is something magical about watching a fire burning.
The fire engine is in the background - just in case. But it
wasn't needed.

Monday lots of people left, back to work on Tuesday.
I stayed another night with about six other buses.
It was another lovely evening and an impromptu group gathered
with guitars and singing.
It was another fabulous evening to end a
very enjoyable rally.
So it's good bye till next year.
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  1. hahahaha i can imagine my friend who has a Bedford when he is older and still will have his Bedford (for sure) coming to great meetings like this!