Saturday, 9 November 2013

Flounder In My Net...

While I've been parked at Rays Rest I have watched people
set nets to catch flounder and any other fish passing by.
I decided it didn't look too difficult... So... Along the road in the
Kaiaua village is a man who makes nets to catch various fish.
I went to have a look and bought a 26 meter flounder net...
 I don't know what it's made of but it's very fine and very strong.
He found me two old plastic milk bottles for floats, even provided
a pen to write my name on them as legally a net has to be
able to be identified.... I'm learning things all the time!
Then it was a matter of weights. Although the net  has a lead
weighted rope all along the bottom it also needs weights at
each end to stop it washing along the beach. He fossicked
round and found me two metal weights out of old sash windows.
Perfect... I had everything I needed so off I went.
Can I do it... will I catch fish... Or will I fall over in the mud!

Well here is my net out in the mud... Waiting for the tide.

The tide comes in twice a day - of course - and at this particular
beach the net is uncovered as the tide goes out and any fish can  be
gathered 3-4 hours after high tide.
The tide is coming in and my net is beginning to float.

I have never done this before so I'm keeping a close eye on things.

There it is, well out in the water... All is looking good.

The necessary attire - as well as old clothes...
The mud is very thick and gluggy... Not a clean job!

  It's evening... the sun is setting...

It's high tide at midnight so I've set my alarm for 4am...
And I'm off to bed... Hoping the net will still be there
when I get up... In the dark... Will I catch any fish in my new net?

Much to my amazement this is what I caught... All
while I was asleep!

Seven flounder...

Two Snapper and the little one is a Yellowtail... For bait!
I gathered them in the dark with my head torch and left
them in a bucket under my bus till a civilised hour later in the
morning. I gave the four biggest away, filleted and froze
the snapper and ate the littlest ones for breakfast.
I untangled and cleaned the net and spread it out again
to wait for the next tide. Thank goodness for a hot shower
and clean clothes. It's not the most glamorous of jobs
but a lot of fun... And yummy to eat.
What will the next tide bring I wonder?

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