Monday, 25 November 2013

Little Waihi... Over The Hill From Maketu

This is where I am currently parked. It's amazing where I get to
and who I meet. This garden belongs to a couple I met recently
who invited me to come and park... I'm still there!

My bus seems to dominate and take up a lot of room...
But I did squeeze in... And have been welcomed into this
community at Little Waihi in the Western  Bay of Plenty.

To get here drive over the hill from Maketu... Which is to
the left at the end of this road. When you get here this is the
main street, the other one is a dirt road and goes round the estuary.
One in the other direction goes to the Bledisloe Holiday Park.
There is about 50 houses here and 150 permanent residents.

The village is tucked down under these hills and cliffs which
makes it a sheltered sun trap. It's not good
for Internet access though.

 These are some of the gardens...

And houses...

That make up...

This unique community. It's like stepping back 50 years
in time to the basic and simple and... So friendly.
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  1. New Zealand the way it was and isn't much anymore...