Friday, 15 November 2013

Hot Pools... Massage... A Spa Retreat.

This is Janice. As I booked into the Miranda Holiday Park
I noticed an advertisement for massage... So I promptly
made a booking for that night. That's how I met Janice...
The most wonderful masseuse.

Janice... Like most people I meet have a story to tell.
Having spent all her working life in administration, health and
workplace circumstances forced a change... So she stepped
out... Took a risk... And pursued a lifetime interest in
massage, well-being and spirituality. Five years ago she
trained with the New Zealand College of Massage... And was
ready to start her own business... At home in Kaiaua.
Seven  months ago she moved into this lovely little building...
That also has a story and now works at Miranda Holiday Park.

Janice found this cabin round the Kaiaua coast. It was loaded
onto this truck and moved to her home... And renovated.

Then moved again to Miranda Holiday Park...

And settled on this piece of land... Not far from where I was
parked. It's been transformed again since then.

Janice gave her business a name...

So... this is where I went at 7.30pm for the three nights
I was at Miranda. Having soaked in the hot pool for
hours of the day, I then had a massage and soaked again
before I went to bed... To sleep soundly for hours.

Janice has created a lovely therapeutic room...
Full of colour, like her. I can't recommend her
highly enough... Some of the best massages I
have had... I can't wait to go again.

My three days at Miranda turned into a three day spa retreat...

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