Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Tauranga... Free Parking at Fergusson Park

My next stop was Tauranga as I needed to do a few city things
including having my fridge serviced. I went to Jewell's Refrigeration.
They were marvellous, gave me fridge and freezer space
to empty my food into, kept the fridge overnight and the next morning
put it back working perfectly... All for a very  moderate charge.

For two nights I parked here... Fergusson Park. It's a lovely
Tauranga Council Reserve. Check their web site for by-law up-dates
as I was told they have changed since 16/10/13 as Tauranga embraces
the freedom parking laws and is making more parking available.

It's a large green area... For dogs...

And sport...

This walkway goes all the way to Sulphur Point and is very
popular place for walkers with dogs and also cyclists.

I walked quite a long way... The cranes at the port in the distance.

And the back of Mt Maunganui.

This part of the harbour has an algae bloom problem.
It looks like sea lettuce. 

It's thick and can be smelly but didn't deter boats and fishing.

Or these wind surfers.

From early morning...

Till sunset... It's a beautiful spot to park.
I also met other mobile-homers  who were parked there and a couple
I met last summer in the Far North who live nearby recognised my bus
and came to visit. It was quite a social weekend.

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