Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Flounder... From My Net To My Plate..

It's clearing the net time... Up and down the beach...

I haven't had so much fun in the mud for years!

As the tide goes out the flounder flap in the mud a bit...

But they are hard to see until I lift the net up.

They are covered in mud... And so am I.

Slippery Things...


And into my bucket... Which isn't big enough as they kept jumping out again.
A bigger bucket is now on my shopping list.

I have now learned that I should clear the net while it is still in water
so I can put the undersized (smaller than 25cm) flounder back. Luckily there weren't any.
I have also learned that the daily catch is 20.

They were so fresh they wriggled and jumped round the table.

This was my biggest catch of 17... I took the net out of the water after this.
Enough flounder is enough even with lots of neighbours to give them to.

I cut the head and tail off... They fit into my pan better.

It's a messy job and they are bony fish even with a sharp knife.
I needed to make sure I had a bucket of clean sea water before the tide
went out as they are best washed in sea water not fresh water.

Into the pan. I cook them in a little coconut oil. The skin usually comes off
but I don't mind as I don't like eating the skin.

And onto my plate with lemon and parsley. Dinner's ready!

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  1. Lovely! Very successful spot where you are :-).